What Does RV Living Mean To You?

RV living for some is only a dream and for others it has become a lifestyle. 

For many years we traveled, when we could, in a pull-type trailer.  When it was time to go home, we wanted to keep going and thus our dream of full-time RVing was born.  We kept the dream alive until it manifested.  We are now living in our motor home full-time.  

You too can experience the RV-living lifestyle, travel to places you have only dreamed about seeing; meet like-minded folks along the way and some may even become lifetime friends. RVing allows you to live a life of freedom and discover the awesome sights of North America and beyond.

Where Does the Road Take You?

Join thousands and thousands of people who either want the RV-living lifestyle or are already living the lifestyle.  In these pages you will find information for those not only dreaming of RV-living, but for those who are RVing several months a year, as well as those who are fulltime and their RV is their home.

This information includes: 

·         Getting Started

·         Choosing Your RV

·         Life On The Road 

·         Taking Care Of Your RV

·         Work Matters  

·         Safety Considerations  

·         In The Kitchen

.         Tips And Techniques

·         Our Travel Blog

and much, much more… 

Preparing to go RVing can be a scary experience.  However, if you research and get your questions answered, the task does not seem so overwhelming.  We spent many months working toward fulfilling our dream of fulltime RV living.  This is not a decision that should be made lightly, but armed with knowledge it can become a rewarding lifestyle.  Our best advice is to trust your heart…and live your dream, whatever it takes!

Some folks have been living the rv lifestyle for many years.  We enjoy learning from experiences of seasoned rvers and look forward to seeing them on our travels.  We have found that no matter how long RV living has been a lifestyle, there is always something new to learn.  

There is a time for everything.  If you put your dream off too long, you will lose it.  We encourage you to read the pages on this website, feel free to ask us questions and we will try to answer them for you.  We welcome all RVers to share their ideas and with your help we can make this the best e-source of information about RV-living as a lifestyle.